A camera that can shoot 360-degree spherical images in a single shot


The series high-end model achieving 360-degree

4K video and spatial audio recording




TOKYO, August 31, 2017 — RICOH COMPANY, LTD and RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. announced today the launch of the “RICOH THETA V”, which supports features that include 360-degree 4K video capture, immersive spatial audio recording, and high-speed transfer as a high-end model of the 360-degree “RICOH THETA” camera series.


Since the RICOH THETA was first launched on the market in 2013 as the world’s first 360-degree single shot camera 1* it has been used in a variety of visual fields as an exceptional imaging tool, with fully spherical images creating unique, completely unexpected visual expression. This 360-degree visual space, which exceeds the conventional concepts of photography, referred to as shooting composition enables people to capture images of 360-degree atmosphere with them in the shot so that others can experience the same atmosphere later in the future and also family and friends who are far away can experience it as though they were actually with the person in that place. Furthermore, due to the rapid growth of the virtual reality (VR) market, the expansion of SNS that support 360-degree image, and the increase in the need for 360-degree image in the business market, the demand for 360-degree spherical image represented by THETA is expected to expand further in the near future.

The “RICOH THETA V” to be launched is a product with a body based on the concept of being compact, lightweight and easy to carry around anywhere. Furthermore, it achieves high-speed transfer that can comfortably browse large volumes of data, high sound quality recording compatible with 360° spatial audio, and shoot equivalent 360-degree 4K video. The camera can also connect to a smartphone or tablet using either Bluetooth or wireless LAN to allow for flexible operation based on how the camera owner uses it. In addition, this product has a highly expandable body design so that it can receive future performance enhancements through firmware updates after it has launched, which results in a fitting high-end model camera.






Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Raj Talluri, Senior Vice President, Product Management

"Qualcomm Technologies is empowering a comprehensive 360/VR ecosystem from our connected camera platforms to VR HMDs, aiming to allow manufacturers to deliver solutions for content creation, communication, and consumption,” said Raj Talluri, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. "With the launch of the RICOH THETA V 360 camera, built on the Qualcomm Connected Camera Platform, we are very excited to bring superior connectivity and powerful compute capabilities to the 360 camera industry which we believe will be an important content generator for VR."



Google Street View, Charles Armstrong, Product Manager

"The Ricoh Theta V is the first Street View mobile ready camera to be certified by Google. This distinction means that Theta V owners will be the first to experience the all-new auto mode which allows you to create Street View imagery while you walk, bike or even drive - a huge improvement over having to photograph and connect individual 360 photos.” Says Charles Armstrong, product manager for Google Street View: "The Ricoh Theta line of 360 cameras have consistently set the bar for combining quality, convenience, and affordability in a single product. We're excited to offer our avid contributor community such a powerful new option for Street View authoring." In addition to the new Theta V certification, Ricoh's existing Theta S and SC cameras have also gained new distinction: the Theta S and SC have now been certified as Street View workflow ready for their abilities to shoot individual 360 photos and publish them to Street View."


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