The current circumstances make it a challenging time for everyone. We are asked to stay at home and are having to spend a lot of time indoors. In some countries we are only allowed to leave the house for a limited time, meaning that we can’t go out and take photos as we usually would. This means we have to be a bit more imaginative when looking around within the immediate vicinity of our homes.

Have you ever taken the time to explore it photographically? We are used to seeing such familiar surroundings everyday, but when viewing from different perspectives it may produce some interesting results.

You’ll get a unique perspective when placing your subject really close up to a wide-angle lens. The wider the angle, especially when using a fisheye, can allow you to create some unique images. Try shooting from as close to the ground as possible, even if you get strange looks from people around you! You can even lie down on the floor directly in front of your subject, where you'll see that the angle of view is completely different when compared to shooting at eye level . The flippy-outy screen can be useful here, or you can use the live preview by using the Image Sync app. It might be an idea to use a mini tripod, allowing you to position the camera as close to the ground as possible and whilst getting the right angle to compose the shot correctly. Even though PENTAX cameras have Shake Reduction built in, using a tripod and remote is still very much an essential part of photography.


You’ll need to be careful here as there is a high chance that you will be in the photo too. In order to get around this, it might find it useful to use an IR remote which is always a useful addition to your camera back. If you don’t have one, again you can try using the Image Sync app which allows you to trigger the shutter release by using WiFi direct.

Now that you are ready to take your picture, try out the Sensor Shift function on the K-1 Mark II. This allows you to finetune the composition by moving the sensor without having to adjust the tripod. You will be thrilled when you look back at your pictures on your laptop despite the limitations permitted by the current situation.

We wish you a lot of fun trying out new ways of shooting, but most importantly stay safe.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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